Floor Care

Hardwood floor care and maintenance is just as important as making the decision to invest in them. Here are several items to be considered:

  • Area rugs should be placed at all entry points inside the home. These will collect larger pieces of grit or small stones that may damage your new floor.
  • Hardwood floors should be cleaned with a dry mop daily to prevent fine grit from accumulating and scratching your floor. Wet mop your floors regularly using a well rung mop or cloth. Do not use excessive water as this will damage your floors.
  • Felt pads are a must for under furniture legs, but keeping them free of grit is just as important. Each time the floor is cleaned check for any grit that may collect under a chair or furniture leg. We suggest that you replace these pads every 3 months or as needed.
  • Place area rugs at all water areas – kitchens especially.
  • Speaking of appliances: Any time they are moved please use some kind of protection to prevent scratches and gouges. We suggest using 1/4″ masonite board making sure the surface and the floor is very clean when any appliances are moved. One small piece of grit will ruin your beautiful new floor.
  • When cleaning your hardwood floor, be sure not to use any products that are petroleum-based.